About Us

We are L&L Hardwood Flooring Distributors, Inc

L&L Hardwood Flooring Distributors, Inc is a leading Chicago based manufacturer of solid hardwood flooring, molding, stair treads and other solid hardwood components. 

We were founded in 1988 and decades later, continue to uphold our commitment to producing the finest hardwood products and most reliable service available in the hardwood floor covering industry today.

Our three generations of experience includes sawmills, lumber yards, dry kilns, dimensión and molding products, flooring mills, and import/export.  This vast knowledge, couple with our modern computerized lumber processing plant, ensures our ability to consistently craft raw lumber into a finished product that is unsurpassed in quality.

Our Quality Formula

Careful Raw Material Selection
Utilizing the NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association) rules, 35 years of personal experience in lumber purchasing, cutting and processing and the cumulative knowledge of the industry for three generations.  We select the best raw materials to insure the finest quality finished product.

Modern Computerized Processing Equipment
Supported by a highly skilled and trained professional team specializing in the areas of moulding set up, flooring and a high quality manufacturing process.

Friendly, Dedicated and Knowledgeable Customer Support Team
We assist our customers in the selection of products, keep them informed of  their order status and find the best shipping alternative.

The highest Standards of Quality Control
All products are inspected by hand-trained individuals ready to spot the slightest imperfection. Our customized palleted packaging insures delivery of your product safely and in top shape.

We stand 100% Behind Our Product
We guarantee 100% satisfaction.



Proud member of the National Wood Flooring Association