Established in 1988, L&L Hardwoods has set the standard for quality in hardwood flooring, moulding, stair treads and risers.  L&L Hardwoods has developed into a fully integrated manufacturer with over 60 highly skilled employees utilizing the latest in hi-tech machinery.  Our facility has over 148,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehousing space

The Dimter computerized Optimizing Chop Saws, along with Mereen Johnson Laser-guided Rip-saw and Wienning high-speed computerized moulders have enabled L&L to offer a complete range of quality hardwoods that are milled to precise tolerances.

State of the Art Equipment


The Mereen Johnson laser-guided optimizing rip-saw makes sure we get the most products out of each and every piece of lumber that we purchase.


Machines like this stair tread clamp carrier permit L&L to control the manufacturing process from start to finish, assuring quality at every step.


The Doucet End-machine system puts the finishing touches on plank flooring and automatically sorts the planks in one foot through 10 foot lengths


High-speed computerized machines like the Wiening Hydromat 30 XL moulding machine ensure orders are processed quickly and product is dependably consistent